Open Google Adsense ads in new Window safely

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I read on many forums about how we can open Google Adsense Ads in new window. This is not possible directly through Adsense but if you use Google Ad manager you can easily achieve to Open Google Adsense in new Window safely.

Import your Adsense Code into Google Ad manager and have the option in Google Ad manager to open urls in new Window. Now replace your existing Adsense code with the Google Ad Manager code and you would see that your Adsense Ads now Open in a new Window. Do not try seeing it on your own ads units but you can verify it. If you see a special icon near the bottom left of your ad units they would open in new window like in the figure below.

Open Google Adsense in new Window safely

This should be pretty safe as both AdManager and Adsense are Google product and well integrated with each other.

To view demo of such site on which this techique is used, Please visit Demo and click on the ads on this website.

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