How to make search in google image swirl ?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

As the face of the world is changing, with respect to that, the technology is also changing and different technology are been found to cope up with this changing world. one of such change is in the world of image search.

Once again google has strike the world with the new technique to make your image search, this is called google image swirl.

Please try this, it will give you different experience to search image in google.

make image search in google image swirl

I have tried this and Please follow steps to find, how to make search in google image swirl search.

The main logic of this google swirl search is, there is only one parent and this parent has so many child.

Try out demo of google image swirl.

Here i have made image search for keyword "india" and i got this page

Parent images

then i have clicked on one of the image in the above list.

Child 1 images

like wise i have clicked on one of the child of the parent.

Child 1.1 images

Child 1.1.1 images

Child images

To return back to parent, click on the parent images shown back to the search page.then you will return back to


Parent images

Hope this post will help you,
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Rajesh Singh,
Asp.Net Developer
Indianic Infotech Ltd (India)

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