Order by on Varchar field in sql server

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello Reader,

In this articles, i am going to explain you, how to use Order by on Varchar Fields in SQL Server,

Till now you might have implemented order by on Int Fields but you may find difficult to implement order by on Varchar fields.

In Image you can see, i have create one field with Name ONO as varchar(50)..

Now if you will do directly order by like shown below, then you will get wrong data.

This way is wrong for Varchar Field..
select * from db_product DP
order by ONO

You will get wrong data as Output..

The correct way is there..
select * from db_product DP
order by 
    IsNumeric(DP.ONO) when 1 then 
        Replicate(Char(0), 100 - Len(DP.ONO)) + DP.ONO 

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