Prevent table from drop and re-create during saving changes

Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Problem : Whenever you make any changes in the table defination, when table is fill with data or rows,it does not allow you to delete or make any changes to table.

Solution : You might have faced this issue many times, when ever you make any changes in the table defination and you try to save changes, then you might have seen error messages as shown in below image.

So here is the steps by which you can avoid dropping of table or re-creating it again by using below steps..

Step 1. There is one option in sql server, which allow you to save your changes to table without droping it.

You just click on Tool option in top menu, See below images you can see from where you can go to tool option,

Step 2. Then click on "Option",
then you will be prompt with options Box, in that you will see left menu, in that explore "Designers" option.

After Exploring Designers option, just click on "table and database designer", you will see below screen

Step 3. In below snap, you can see the field in Red Box, just untick it, so that you can save change.

Untick - Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation

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Rajesh Singh,
Senior Asp.Net Developer
e-Procurement Technologies Ltd (India)

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