What is Google Buzz ?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Even google follow twitter,

This can be seen by this, that Google has implemented the twitter follow, as google buzz in google mail box.

This shows google know, the popularity of twitter.com


Google is just trying to make your inbox as your admin panal of everything, means you can handle everything like contacting your friends, sending scrap to them, intracting with them and sharing feeling and makeing them aware what you are doing.

Google is just make your inbox social to internet.

Google's latest social media experiment came to life on Tuesday in the form of Google Buzz: a social media sharing service built into your Gmail window. Buzz will let you share photos, links, videos, and status updates through your Gmail inbox or your mobile device's Web browser.

Google is still rolling out the service to all Gmail users, but if you can't wait, we have a couple of ways that you can try out Buzz right now on your desktop or smartphone.

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