Google running AdWords ads in Newspapers

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Google running AdWords ads in newspapers

Please see this picture to see at which column of newspaper show google ads.

Google has shown its ads in the Dec 12 sports section of the Sun-Times.

I dont know, how google is going to make track of Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per View (PPV).

I guess, Now the googles next step would be, how to show google search engine in Newspapers.

Imagine the day, you woke up in morning and you are getting late for the office and you just picked up the newspaper and typed your keyword in the search column of newspaper and you find your search without wasting time.

Imagine the day that would be, Hope the google get this feature soon in newspaper.

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Rajesh Singh,
Asp.Net Developer
Indianic Infotech Ltd (India)


rajesh Singh said...

This is really nice post.. Keep posting

Ankit Shah said...

Haha..Gud one.We are waiting for this day..Keep Posting..n be in touch..

rajesh Singh said...

Hi this is nice post..

NickJohnson said...

Thats a very unique idea... And it also shows that Newspaper is still the best medium to interact with people......