How to upload zip file on blogger ?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Answer :

you can't upload any file directly to your blog.but you can achive this by indirectly, Please

read to find simple and free method to upload zip file on blogger.

Create account in this site :

Just enter your email address and click on signup with FREE account

Then a virtual directory will be appered in front of you

Below you can see, upload file option, you can use that and upload your zip,image or any file
which you wanted, the user should download from your blog.

After uploading that file, you will see that file will appeared in the virtual directory.
then to get download link, you just click on download icon shown at the end of your file in

that virtual directory.

After clicking on that link, you will find this page

click on download, dont worry, the download will not start, this is to get download link.

after clicking on download button, you will see this page, counting download time in


then right click on this link "Click here to download this file" and click on "copy link


open notepad and paste copied link.

i.e copied link ->

How to use this download link in your blog

use this HTML code in your blog

<a id="downloadid" src="" >Download Source Code</a>

when the user will click on this download link, the download will start from your blog without

visiting to other site.

Click here to see Demo

Hope this post will help you,
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Rajesh Singh,
Asp.Net Developer
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